The Other Side of the Storm

The Other Side of the Storm
Arcon Recruitment emerged as a new agency in September 2002.  The stable economy of that time saw Ireland enjoying success and optimism, combined with an enthusiasm for the future.
By 2006, however, we were experiencing the realities of what was to become a global recession.
Yet adversity can bring strength; and Arcon has not only continued to do what it was set up for, but to grow and to maintain and solidify its relationships with companies throughout Ireland, to the point where we have established ourselves as both a market leader and a force to be reckoned with in the recruitment industry.
In those grim years between 2006 and 2011 Ireland lost 300,000 people to emigration, the majority of them highly educated – an appalling number.  Now, as we revitalize ourselves and continue to assist you in all of your career needs, the Central Statistics Office figures for April 2015 show a 13% drop since the previous year in people leaving the country.
Of course, we are a long way from being completely back on track — but we are pointing in the right direction.  Job vacancies in Galway and Mayo are being filled more rapidly and the number on the Live Register continues to drop.
These are challenging times, made perhaps even more so by the fallout from the BREXIT poll in Britain.  And, now that it has happened, there is an argument to be made that it could prove beneficial to this country.  These are uncharted waters and it is unhelpful — and more importantly, pointless — to be automatically negative in what it means for jobs in Ireland. As the situation becomes clearer, the Arcon blog hopes to keep you up to date on how we stand to be affected by this historic decision.
Meanwhile, we look forward to the future and hope that joining us will lead you to a very successful job search, perhaps one that will see you begin an entirely new career.
The briefest glance shows the exciting possibilities that our out there.
Construction of Mayo’s Great Western Greenway cost €5.6m, but within less than a year had recouped that cost, whilst businesses confirmed that turnover had increased and jobs had been both sustained and created.
Also launched recently was the Construction Workers Skills Register (CWSR).  With the government committing to the building of 25,000 houses each year through 2020, this lets construction and craft workers register their skills whilst also giving them a ‘show window’ by which to display their abilities to future employers.  There is also an emphasis on training and the further augmenting of those abilities.
Wayfair, the online furnishing and home fixtures/appliances retailer that already employed over 200 people in Galway, announced that it would create a further 160 jobs as they expand their company.
As if to point up the diversity of the financial growth and stability that is returning to Ireland, July saw JFC Marine receiving the ‘Excellence in Marine Technology Award’. Indeed, the company which is located on the Tuam Rd, Galway, received 19 awards on the evening in question.
And in a satisfying fusion of construction, retail and finance, earlier this year the announcement was made for construction work to begin on a €4 million extension to the Eyre Shopping Centre in Galway, providing seven new retail outlets and with the additional intention of attracting international retailers.
These are just a tiny fraction of the things that we should be celebrating as we look forward to a newly-prosperous future in the West of Ireland and throughout the whole of the country.
Successful job hunting!