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CV Template 2022

Are you struggling to find the perfect CV Template for your industry?

Fear not, Arcon Recruitment will provide you with the best CV Template, regardless of your experience, industry, or skills. We will walk you through each section, looking at the key areas to focus on. 

A well-presented CV can secure you an interview by catching the eye of an employer. It can also help you focus on the key points that you need to expand upon during an interview and it will remind the interviewer about you once the interview is over.

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What Is A CV?

A CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is the Irish and U.K version of the U.S Resumé. It is a document used when searching for a job. 

A standard CV is 2-3 pages, at most, and will be a summary showing yourself in the best possible light to help you in securing a job. The purpose of a CV is to give recruiters an overview of your work history and skills. The best way to use a CV when searching for a job is to create a CV template and swap in and out information depending on the job you are applying for. 

A CV will include contact information, work history/experience, education, certificates, skills, and may include hobbies and interests. It will be well structured, easy to read, not bloated with information, and grammatically correct. 

CV Structure

Everybody has different experiences and skills, as well as different strengths and weaknesses. Everybody is at different stages of their careers and seeking different levels of jobs to others.  So you wouldn’t think there’s one common thread linking every job seeker. But there is. 


And it’s making sure you use the correct CV structure. The same basic CV structure can be used as the base on which to build a curriculum vitae unique to you. But everyone needs to start with the same solid foundation to create a job-winning CV.

Personal Details

This should be first in any CV and clearly visible. Remember to keep all email addresses professional and leave any nicknames to a personal email address.

Career History

This will be in the main body of your CV and should be presented in reverse chronological order with your most recent employer first.

School History

Put this in reverse chronological order with your most recent qualifications first. Always make sure that your achievements are kept up-to-date. List your professional memberships.


These are soft skills as well as technical skills you possess. These are a critical part of a CV, and need to be changed depending on the role you are applying for. 


This is a list of people that have managed you, or can provide information on your performances in the past. You will need to contact anyone you provide beforehand.


Hobbies and interests should be nearly the last item on your CV. There is no real necessity to include them but employers do like to see a well-rounded individual and hobbies help create that perception.

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Personal Details

The first section of your CV Template will be your personal details. This section will remain constant, no matter what job you are applying for. So if you create an overall template for yourself, you need only swap in and out certain section, such as skills, but can keep your personal details the same. 

Make sure to include your name, email address, LinkedIn profile, and any relevant social media or website handles. Adding a portfolio website can be important for some industries, such as design. 

Under your contact details, you can include 3-4 sentences that grab the attention of the reader. This will be a summary of yourself and what you can add to the job. It can sometimes be helpful to add this section at the end, once you have filled out the rest of your CV. 

Career History

This will be in the main body of your CV and should be presented in reverse chronological order with your most recent employer first. List your day-to-day duties a good tip is to keep a portfolio of job specifications that you see advertised and match your duties up, using the same terminology where possible. Just make sure that you understand all the terminology you are using in case you get asked about it in an interview.

Using stats and examples of some common interview questions can be useful here. Some examples of stats to include would be performance increases, sales increases, etc. This will depend on your experience and industry.

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Academic Achievements

This section will comprise of your education, including secondary school, college/university, and any certificates you have received. This section, like work experience, will be in reverse chronological order, with your most recent education coming first. 

For Secondary School, include your overall leaving cert results as well as any honors subjects you did. Your leaving cert will be a minimum requirement for a lot of jobs, so an overall summary will be fine here. 

For University/College graduates, include the name of the University/College, the degree you obtained, what level it was, and what dates it included. You can also mention your results and QCA to stand out. 


The skills section is a crucial part of the CV Template Structure. This part needs to be tailored to suit the role you are applying for. You can include some overall skills that will be relevant to any job and then have a part that you can easily swap in and out. 

There should be a good mix of hard, soft, and technical skills, with a brief statement on each. See examples below; 

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Hard Skill Examples

Copywriting icon


Produced over 600 blog pieces in 3 years, to an SEO-approved standard. 

graphic design icon

Graphic Design

Consistently produced graphic design elements to limited briefs within specific time frame. 

Soft Skill Examples

teamwork icon


Worked as part of a successful, diverse team, producing quality results consistently. 

Communication icon


Created a comfortable environment for customers by engaging in conversations. 

Technical Skill Examples


CAD Software

11 years experience working with CAD on small, medium, and large projects. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Icon

Adobe Creative Suite

Experienced in all Adobe products, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. 


The references section doesn’t need to be specific references or contact details. It can be names and job titles or “Available on request”, if you are uncomfortable providing this information. You will need to inform your referees that they may be contacted. 


Adding a hobbies section is important, as it shows you are well rounded and have interests outside of work. It can also be used to show some skills such as leadership and communication in team sports.

Using Your CV Template

Now you know the crucial structure and steps needed in your CV Template, it is time to use it to it’s full effect. We recommend keeping a copy of the overall structure and sections that won’t be changed, such as the personal details. Then have different copies for different industries you will be applying for. You can then swap out minor details, per industry. 

If you follow these steps and keep your CV Template clean, structured, and relevant, you will have no problem standing out to hiring managers and securing interviews. For interview help, download Arcon’s Free full interview prep guide, or visit our interview page now. 


What Is A CV?

A CV, in Ireland and the UK, is a document used to apply for a job. It outlines your education, work history, skills and certificates. In the US, this is called a resumé. 

How To Write A CV - Ireland?

A CV is an essential part of the job seeking process. In Ireland, a CV should be well written, well structured, and no spelling or grammar mistakes. Check out our complete guide on how to write a CV for Ireland. 

What Does CV Stand For?

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, which is Latin for “Course Of Life”. 

How Long Should A CV Be?

A CV should be 1 to 2 pages, and no longer than 3 pages, in Senior applicant cases. 

What To Put In A CV?

A good CV will include contact information, your education, previous work history, skills, certificates, interests, and hobbies. 

What Skills To Include In A CV?

The skills included should be specific to your own case. Including skills that are not generic and stand out is a must. Active listening, computer skills, leadership, interpersonal skills, and team skills are all high on the list.