Key skills for a business leader

Effective leadership principles;


True leadership is having the ability to influence and encourage others to perform to the best of their ability resulting in organisational wins. A title does not give you leadership qualities. These qualities are learned through experience and by being perceptive.


The best leaders have a strong sense of self. They know their own limitations. They have a way about them that encourages the people around them to be their best selves. They are not always the manager, a true leader can in fact be a team member who has the ability to use their can-do attitude to bring people on a journey to achieve an objective or goal.


As a leader you should strive to:

  • Be visible, accessible, open and honest, always providing the appropriate level of support and challenge;
  • Listen, encourage, debate, decide and then act, united with your colleagues, in the sole interest of the company and its stakeholders;
  • Create the future direction of the company and empower your team to contribute to its delivery;
  • Respect differences, be relentless in ensuring all team members are living up to the company’s values, holding yourself and others to account for these;
  • Recognise that people are what makes the company great. Energise them, develop them and encourage them every day;
  • Recognise progress and celebrate success.

The most effective leaders are those who:

  • Know their own strengths and limitations;
  • Create and effectively communicate a positive, realistic vision;
  • Motivate and inspire followers to reach their potential;
  • Look beyond their own self-interest and encourage others to do the same;
  • Anticipate and manage conflicts fairly and objectively;
  • Exhibit self-confidence;
  • Respect and maintain personal and organisational values;
  • Are fair, reasonable, and compassionate;
  • Instill trust;
  • Behave consistently