5 Things We Learned About Remote Working!


Working During The Pandemic

  • 55% of employees try to maintain a regular routine when working from home
  • 42% of remote workers say the kitchen table is the most popular choice of workspace
  • 51% of employees surveyed are interrupted during their working day by family members
  • Another survey indicates that 40% of workers in the US are taking more regular exercise
  • Fewer “in-person” meetings could lead to less innovation and entrepreneurship


1.       Half of employees try to keep a routine


A survey conducted by Irishjobs.ie shows 90% of full time employees surveyed are now working from home in light of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and risk to public health. It also indicates that while 55% are successfully maintaining a routine, 44% say they are working longer hours.


2.       Remote working may mean a healthier lifestyle


A survey by New York Times states that in the US, 40% of employees working remotely take more regular breaks spending time outdoors or caring for pets. Such activities are proving to have a positive effect on stress levels during these uncertain times.

Within this study, almost 60% said working from home means they can better focus on improving their physical health, as time saved on commutes allow them to prioritize exercise and preferred activities. Participants also reported feeling a closer connection to family and friends due to more “disposable” hours!


3.       A Home Office can be distracting

The IrishJobs.ie survey highlighted that 42% of home workers operate at the kitchen table as only 2 in 10 employees have their own office at home. Just over half of these confessed to being regularly interrupted during their working day by family members. 22% of home workers took timeout of their working day during lock down to home school children while schools were closed.

79% miss their usual work environment and 89% missed socializing with work colleagues. In short, the vast majority of workers were generally happy with their work environment and colleagues prior to the pandemic


4.       There is a right to disconnect


Back to back zoom meetings and monitoring of desk time through mediums such as “Slack”, are some of the ways in which Managers attempt to keep tabs on employee productivity while they are working remotely. However, with 44% of employees in Ireland saying they are working longer hours, there is a need and a right to disconnect.

In France, companies employing more than 50 employees, must guarantee workers the right to disconnect from technology when they leave the office, as prolonged ‘always on’ work can lead to burnout.


5.       Less in-person meetings could lead to less innovation


CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, claims that the real creative and inspiring interactions happen before and after meetings, and other places that employees can meet outside the office. A Stanford economics professor, Nicholas Bloom, predicts that should current working patterns continue for more than a year, the consequent lack of interaction between creative thinkers will lead to less brainstorming and in turn fewer innovative products coming to the market


Future of Remote Working


Could this mean a more permanent change of work life in the future? Nadella, predicts within the next three years, he expects the proportion of employees working in a flexible manner will rise from the current 20% to 30% to perhaps 50% to 60%. Do you think your own remote working will be changed in the long run?


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