7 reasons why Westport was voted the best place to live in Ireland.

7 reasons why Westport was voted the best place to live in Ireland.


Located on the Mayo coastline, Westport offers beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and vibrant culture.  With a population of under 7,000 people, Westport had a reputation countrywide as not only a great place to holiday but indeed the “holy grail” in terms of where to live.

So, what makes this small west of Ireland town so popular?

1.      A little History:

In 1780, Westport House, (home of Grainne Uaile) was the centre of Westport Village. But an enterprising lord had the town moved to a dryer area away from the wetlands and ocean tide. As a result, Westport became the first planned community in Ireland, with Westport House as its crowning jewel.  As you approach Westport the effects of this historic decision are still clear to see.  The town is extremely attractive and well laid out with the pretty Carrowbeg river running through it.  First impressions matter and without exception, first impressions of Westport are always top-class.


2.      Somewhere for everyone:

The choice of where to live is very personal. Would you rather live in the busy town centre and be part of the action? Or perhaps you’d like to wake up to a view of the rolling countryside or even the sea.  Westport residents have the choice of all three.  A 3- or 4-minute drive from the town centre will bring you to properties with fantastic sea views.  Similarly, if the countryside is your preference, this option is within a reasonable walking distance of the town centre.


3.       We like to be social…

Westport is well known for its array of top-class pubs and restaurants, many offering live     traditional music on any given night of the week, so a great evening is always promised!  A superb way to sample some of the cafes and restaurants is to join the Westport Walking Tours which incorporate sampling sessions at some of the local eateries.  This is a very popular activity.

Westport is not your typical high street, there is a great selection of small – mostly locally owned – boutique shops with offerings from traditional knitted goods to handmade jewellery and candles and everything in between. A leisurely walk through the gorgeous streets browsing the shops is a wonderful way to spend a day.


4.      Anytime is a good time!

There is always something going on.  There is an enviable sense of community in Westport which results is numerous events and festivals going on at all times of the year.  While the summer months are still the busiest period in Westport, the introduction of the Arts Festival in October and “Sea to Summit race” in November ensure a steady stream of visitors to the town resulting in a vibrant and positive spirit in the town.


5.      Focus on Family

But it’s not all about the single 20 something looking to climb the career ladder while sea swimming and cycling in their free time.  Westport is a great place to grow a family.  There is a wide choice of schools, varying in size with excellent reputations.

The town boasts several swimming pools, all offering lessons and access to swimming clubs. Huge investment in both Soccer and Gaelic facilities are currently underway which will afford Westport some of the most impressive club facilities in the country.

Activities such as ballet, tennis, basketball, karate, yoga, and rugby are all well established in Westport town.  Easy access without hours spent sitting in traffic is a definite plus for parents!


6.      We are well connected!

The opening of the Westport to Turlough N5 Road Project has made Ireland West Airport even more accessible.  A 40-minute leisurely drive (with no traffic jams!) brings you to the gem that is Ireland West Airport.  With a vast array of destinations in the UK and Europe – including some of the most popular sun holiday destinations, the airport has contributed to the popularity of Westport as both a tourist and long-term destination.

Proximity of the Car Park to the terminal building is a huge bonus.  In fact, you can realistically go from parking your car to having a coffee / beer in the departure lounge within 20 minutes.  Now that’s efficiency!


7.      Employment opportunities

Westport and its neighbouring towns are home to several large multinational companies – many of which are expanding at an impressive rate.  This results in ample job opportunities with companies such as AbbVie, Baxter, Fort Wayne Metals, Coca Cola, and Hollister.  The days of sacrificing career prospects to live in the west of Ireland are a distant memory.

Living and working in or near Westport, offers a wonderful work / life balance.  Reduced commuting times and access to fresh sea or country air after a hard day’s work is truly something to aspire to.


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